Chris Christie Chooses Lap Band Surgery

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie revealed that he underwent bariatric surgery in February, keeping his procedure a secret from all but a handful of people until now.  Christie chose gastric band or Lap-Band surgery, and he has reportedly lost at least 40 pounds so far.  Weight loss induced by Lap-Band surgery is more gradual than [...]

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Recipe for Success: Education and Follow-up

At the Bariatric Institute of Greater Chicago, we've always believed that patient education and post-surgery follow-up are important components of successful, long-term weight loss with gastric banding (commonly knows as the Lap-Band system).  Achieving and maintaining significant weight loss after banding requires patients to commit to making healthy lifestyle choices. For our part, our dedicated [...]

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Weight Loss Myths from a New Report

At the Bariatric Institute of Greater Chicago, our patients often come to us seeking gastric band surgery (commonly known as a Lap-Band), after trying a multitude of diets and receiving countless weight loss tips. Unfortunately, there are many prevalent myths about weight loss and obesity, and these myths can sabotage even the most dedicated dieter. [...]

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Lap Band Shows Beneficial Metabolic Effects

A new study found that weight loss from bariatric surgery, not the type of surgical procedure used, is responsible for improvement of metabolic responses in obese, insulin resistant, nondiabetic patients. This is exciting news for patients interested in the gastric banding procedure. Researchers examined the metabolic effects of 20 percent weight loss induced by either [...]

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6 Year Gastric Band Study

Both the gastric band and gastric bypass bariatric procedures have excellent weight loss outcomes at six years, according to a matched-pair analysis. The study’s findings were published this month online in the Archives of Surgery. Half of the 442 patients in the analysis received a gastric band, and the other half received a gastric bypass.  [...]

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Snacks Part of the Obesity Problem

Over the past several decades, obesity rates among Americans have consistently increased. While our sedentary lifestyles are partially at blame, a key factor in our national weight gain is that we’re simply consuming more calories in the form of both food and calorie-laden beverages. For comparison, in the mid-2000s, the average American adult was found [...]

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