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Fate of “The Biggest Losers”

A recent report on the fate of "The Biggest Losers" participants showed that after 6 years, some of the most successful participants regained a substantial amount of their lost weight.  Many clinicians (and non-clinicians) have expressed their opinions on this disappointing report.  An overwhelming majority have commented on the change in metabolism of the participants, [...]

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Why Surgery Should Not be a Last Resort

Bariatric surgery has been proven to be a safe and effective obesity treatment, with the ability to improve many obesity-related health conditions. Healthcare professionals and patients who have benefited from this medical treatment know its value. Yet, bariatric surgery is often viewed as a “last resort”.  Why is this? A new editorial in the medical [...]

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Changes May Increase Access to Bariatric Surgery

Dr Shayani wrote an article explaining the increased access to bariatric surgery, and its relation to the Affordable Care Act. The article was published in the SouthTown Star, and has been reprinted here. Please contact Dr Shayani if you have any questions about bariatric surgery. Changes pave way for increased access to bariatric surgery Bariatric, [...]

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Weight Loss “Aids” – Beware of This Common Fraud

It's early January, and for many people that means a New Year's Resolution to lose weight. Unfortunately, it also means many advertisers aggressively promoting products that seem "too good to be true".  In most cases - too good to be true is exactly that: not true. Popular ones you may have seen are the ads [...]

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Gastric Sleeve – Bariatric Institute of Chicago

The gastric sleeve, or sleeve gastrectomy, is a procedure that we are asked about sometimes. It is a newer weight loss surgery option, and one that Dr Shayani has given serious consideration to offering at his Chicago practice. Dr Shayani has answered some FAQ's about the gastric sleeve here. Why do you favor gastric banding [...]

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Obesity Trends Seen as Early as Two Months Old

A new study and article discuss data that shows a link between an infant's height:weight ratio, and future obesity. Dr Shayani was interviewed for the article and explained, "In the fight against obesity, every little bit counts. The authors have suggested that as early as 2 months of age, clinicians might be able to predict [...]

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Study: Lap Band for Lower BMI Patients

A new study added to the evidence that Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding (Lap-Band) is safe and effective for people with less severe obesity (BMI 30-39.9), with weight loss and  improvement in obesity-related conditions through at least 2 years. Led by Dr. Robert Michaelson, bariatric surgeon at Northwest Weight Loss Surgery, the study involved 149 patients: [...]

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Chris Christie Chooses Lap Band Surgery

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie revealed that he underwent bariatric surgery in February, keeping his procedure a secret from all but a handful of people until now.  Christie chose gastric band or Lap-Band surgery, and he has reportedly lost at least 40 pounds so far.  Weight loss induced by Lap-Band surgery is more gradual than [...]

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