At the Bariatric Institute of Greater Chicago, we’ve always believed that patient education and post-surgery follow-up are important components of successful, long-term weight loss with gastric banding (commonly knows as the Lap-Band system).  Achieving and maintaining significant weight loss after banding requires patients to commit to making healthy lifestyle choices. For our part, our dedicated team of professionals is devoted to providing continued personalized attention to help our clients reach their weight loss goals.

Recently, an article published by obesity experts at the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center reinforced our approach to weight loss.  The article named education and commitment as essential components of a successful weight loss program. The successful programs stress patient education and long-term commitment to changed habits, in addition to healthier diet and exercise practices, said the researchers. They suggest starting patient education in the months prior to surgery, which enables patients to learn how to make healthy lifestyle changes. In terms of follow-up, the author suggests that a good weight loss program will include post-op support.

With gastric band surgery more than other bariatric surgery, follow-up is a critical. The procedure partitions stomach into compartments, leaving a small pouch (about 10% of the overall capacity) as the new reservoir for food. The smaller stomach size limits food intake and patients benefit from feeling more quickly, and for a longer period of time.  Another benefit of the gastric band is that  the digestive process is not altered, so nutrient absorption is not affected.

One important aspect of the success with a Lap Band is coming to our office several times in the years following surgery for band adjustment.  Band adjustments, or “fills”,  are a necessary part of the weight loss process with the band and require a firm commitment from the patient for the long-term effects of surgery to be successful. We adjust your band to reach its optimum level to aid in your weight loss journey. You can learn more about the Lap-Band and whether it’s a good option for you here.