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We understand it takes more than fad diets, pills, or books to successfully lose weight and keep it off. Successful weight loss requires a life-long partnership between our patients and our practice. We also believe strongly that when possible, less invasive interventions are best for our patients. To that end, we offer endoscopic procedures, low intensity anatomy- preserving surgical procedures, and more invasive stapling procedures in an orderly fashion. Read more about our programs and services below.

Gastric/stomach balloons are the newest devices used for short and medium term weight management. Three brands of gastric balloons, each with their own unique attributes, were approved by the FDA since 2015. Gastric balloons help patients lose weight by reducing hunger and by occupying space in the stomach and therefore, limiting space for food. Gastric balloons are temporary devices that are inserted into the stomach and are removed endoscopically (through the mouth, with no need for surgery) after six months. The average patient might lose anywhere from 25-50 pounds during the 6 month period and with proper changes in eating habits, might be able to maintain the lost weight over a much longer period of time. Dr. Shayani’s experience with clinical trials for both the Orbera Balloon and the Obalon Balloon offer him unique insight into care of patients who undergo balloon implantation for weight loss.

Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding is one of the least invasive surgical procedures for weight-loss. Aside from providing individualized weight loss, it is an anatomy preserving procedure which is easily reversible. In addition to eliminating hunger, the surgical procedure partitions stomach into uneven compartments, leaving a small pouch (about 10% of the overall capacity) as the new reservoir for food. The smaller stomach size limits the amount of food intake. The size of the passageway between the two compartments can be adjusted in the Doctor’s office, without further surgery. The digestive process is not altered, so nutrient absorption is not affected. With potential for life-long use, patients may reach their desired weight through gradual, healthy weight loss.

Sleeve gastrectomy is the most popular surgical procedure worldwide. The procedure owes its popularity to its less complicated surgical technique (when compared to gastric bypass) and more rapid initial weight loss (when compared to endoscopic and non-stapling surgical procedures). Patients often attain their desired weight loss within the first 18 months. And with appropriate changes to relationship with food, many patients are able to maintain their lost weight long term.

Our practice is built on the principles of providing the highest quality of patient care. We know that good care involves more than good medicine. That’s why our concern for you extends to every part of your procedure. Our exceptional service has established our unique place in this industry.