A new study and article discuss data that shows a link between an infant’s height:weight ratio, and future obesity. Dr Shayani was interviewed for the article and explained, “In the fight against obesity, every little bit counts. The authors have suggested that as early as 2 months of age, clinicians might be able to predict if a child will go on to become obese. What the study (appropriately) does not claim is shedding any light on the exact cause and effect relationship between the weight to height ratio of an infant and the subsequent development of obesity. Possible explanations include genetic predisposition, feeding tendencies, and the choice of feedings (breast milk vs. formula), to just name a few.”

This is one of many recent studies that demonstrates how complex obesity can be. We see evidence of correlation between obesity and so many factors including genetic, environmental, socioeconomic, sleep patterns, occupation, and of course lifestyle choices.

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