Can I eat anything in moderation after gastric banding?

After your stomach has healed, you may eat most foods that don’t cause you discomfort. However, because you can only eat a little it is important to include foods rich in protein. In general, although a balanced diet is the best diet for most individuals, for patients who are trying to lose weight, avoiding carbohydrates [...]

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Can I take my other medications with the LAP-BAND?

You should be able to take prescribed medication though you may need to adjust their dosage. As a general rule, antihypertensives (medications for high blood pressure), hypoglycemics (medications for diabetes), diuretics (water pills), and blood thinners (Warfarin/Coumadin) will need special attention. Please let both your surgeon and your primary care physician know about your medications, [...]

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Will I suffer from constipation with the LAP-BAND?

Given the overall lower volume of food and beverages, you might find your stools harder after gastric banding. It is important for you to consume an adequate amount of non-caloric beverages (water, unsweetened iced tea, sugar-free/diet beverages, etc.) during the day. But in an effort to avoid helping your pouch empty the food that has [...]

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What about pregnancy with LAP-BAND?

Becoming pregnant can be easier as you lose weight. Your menstrual cycles may become more regular. Many patients who have failed to become pregnant before losing weight find themselves becoming pregnant after unprotected intercourse. As a general rule, it is neither good for a patient to gain a whole lot of weight nor is it [...]

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Will I be able to throw up if I have to?

Throwing up might become necessary such as when you have eaten “bad” food. Although the band creates a substantial resistance against “passive” movement of stomach acid up into the esophagus, the “active” process of throwing up is often accomplished without much difficulty. Having said that, it might become necessary for us to empty the band [...]

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Will I feel hungry or deprived with a gastric band?

The gastric band works through a combination of portion control and elimination of hunger. As a result, despite eating very small amounts, a person should not battle hunger throughout the day. One of the components of “healthy eating with a band” is to never “deprive” yourself. Accordingly, when you feel hungry, you should enjoy a [...]

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